Narrative Essay On Community Service

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Ana Portillo Professor Russel Whitaker English Composition I November 13th, 2017 Narrative Essay Many teens consider community service a chore to complete in order to graduate or something to include on a college application. Yes, I was one of those teens in my high school years, but because I didn’t really know what community service was really about, and I hadn’t experienced it until my history class. With this opportunity I was able to experience this wonderful community service taught me more than what I could ever give. When I was in high school I had this history subject in which community service was a requirement to pass the class, because of this we had to complete 18 hours of community service during the semester. To be honest,…show more content…
I walked there with three girls named Alicia, Veronica and Karla. They showed me where their beds where and gave me a whole tour around the institution. I was impressed with all the beds they had, it was a huge wide room with many vertically arranged beds for each and every one of them. I started on cleaning and washing all the bed quilts, and all the girls were willing to help within everything, I didn’t feel it was a job. They all seemed so cheerful and happy because somebody came to help them. Though, I was the one who got out learning things I hardly knew about. They all looked so mature to me, but I only could see a little girl from the outside. Then, I saw from across the room a very shy and quite little girl, she barely talked and interacted with the others. So, I went up to her, and asked her name. “My name is Sofia,” she said with tears in her eyes, “What’s wrong?”, I asked. The other girls told me she had just arrived to the orphanage a few days ago. So, I grabbed her hand and went to the kitchen to give her a sandwich. She was amazed the whole sandwich was just for her, and she couldn’t stop thanking me. This shocked me a lot because there are many children out there that don’t have a place to stay or anything to eat, while we who have the privilege to have a place to call home, food always on the table, and most importantly a family, we take all that and everybody for granted. We should place more value on all those
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