Narrative Essay On Driving

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Driving at night can be dangerous, especially when you had a long exhausting day. Sometimes I find myself in a rush and can’t help myself but to speed. The night I got into my first accident was the night I learned a really valuable lesson. Which is not to speed. It was 9:45pm, rainy night, on December 15, It was getting close to the end of my 12 hour shift, at Romoland Market. It was a busy and long day. Customers kept on coming in and out consistently. The lines was backed up all the way by the coolers. No time to take a 15 minute break. Finally, closing time was around the corner, and I was eager to get home to my bed. Excited to go home, I jumped into my 1996 Kia Sephia. I got to the 74 East Highway, which was a two lane freeway. Everything was going well as usual. Cars were passing me by at 60 miles per hour. Then, I felt something strange that was coming from the steering wheel. At the time, I just thought it was normal for a beat up car to swerve. It felt like an alignment job was needed really soon. Brakes were also poor. I had to stomp on the brakes all the way down in order for the car to stop normally. So me being me, I ignored the issue and continued on my 45 minute drive home, which was in Loma Linda. Traffic was slowing down, that’s when my body started to feel weak, and my eyelids was so heavy, I was trying my best to keep them opened, from how tired I was. I was struggling to keep them up. Minutes went by, and I decided to speed up an extra 10 miles per
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