Narrative Essay On Hedgehogs

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"I can't believe you've never danced," the tiny hedgehog told the older male. The young hero looked up at the other as he wrapped his arms around the others neck. The older hedgehog laughed with a shrug wrapping his arms around his companion. "Didn't find a reason to before now," the elder informed beginning to sway back and forth. The child tilted his head at the piece of information the adult had given. "Why not?" He asked, wonder filling the vibrant youngsters ebony orbs. The taller met the others gaze his all to famous grin forming on his face. "Guess I didn't find the right person to dance with,"the cobalt hedgehog confessed. The tinier ones ears perked up at the statement. It was a sign for something,right? Or perhaps he was overthinking how the older male interacted with him.…show more content…
"Not that I mind!" He had added averting his gaze from the other unwrapping his arms from the others neck. Instinctively, the adult intertwined their hands together twirling the tinier hedgehog around. "For one,I like seeing you happy." "Second of all, "he continued as he twirled the other once more this time bringing the child closer to him. His hands moved away from the child's own hands and instead cupped his face. "A certain hero might have gotten a soft spot for a tiny hero," he explained leaning down to kiss the tiny hero. It was a tender kiss lasting only a few moments before the older one had pulled away causing the younger to whine. With a gentle flick on the nose, the older had walked away causing the younger one
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