Narrative Essay On Immigration To College

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I grew up in poverty with a small family, which consisted of my mother, sister, two step brothers, and my father who has a no contact order with my sister and me. Many of my peers often complain about how much they hate school and would rather be at home. But for me school was my escape from another world. A world I have no choice but to withstand. A world where shootings are common, where drugs are everywhere, where police patrol every Tuesday and Thursday; the darker side of Seattle. With both my parents being immigrants coming from war-torn countries we had no choice where to live, to eat, and to learn. As a family, we had no help from anyone so we had to keep our head up and persevere.
In the 90’s, my parents immigrated to the United States. My father was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He escaped from a time of high level of recruitment for the nation's army. He eluded the government for years and eventually came to North Dakota as a student. My mother is from the Former Yugoslavia; more specifically she was born in what is now Bosnia-Herzegovina and grew up in what is now Slovenia. My mother came to America to escape the failing monarchy in Yugoslavia, which was a result of many wars
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School was a place where I could leave the dysfunctional atmosphere I live in and nothing took my mind off of my hardships like sports, music, and community service. To avoid the life I lived when school was over, I would learn new instruments and play different sports. I even began to participate in restoring Seattle parks every Saturday with a group called Earth Corps through a non-profit organization called Global Visionaries. I learned leadership skills and met people that changed my life for the better. I realized that there were many things I could do that would allow me to learn and give back to the community and at the same time allow me to escape from my
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