Narrative Essay On Medicare Preferences

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The early morning air is cool on my skin, but the bright sunshine promises heat by ten am. The sprinklers on the neighbor’s lawn go off, signaling that it is seven o’clock and we need to get moving. I smile as I open the car because today is the last day before winter break, and tomorrow will be baking day. I quickly set the large bag of presents in the trunk of my father’s car, and hurry back into the house to get the cookies and my backpack. Inside the door, I am greeted by a large and heavily decorated Christmas tree. On the mantle sit stocking hooks and a windmill cresh rotates on the coffee table surrounded by pinecones. Passing into the next room, one feels as if they have stepped onto another planet. The chandelier id still draped with…show more content…
People see normal the things. They don't see the things I learned because my grandfather was a marine, a car repossessor, a cop, a federal investigator, and the CEO of a hospice. They see the things I learned because my other grandfather, a successful army doctor, is absolutely obsessed with sports. They don’t realize the things you find out growing up in a hospice office, or living through Medicare survey. To look at my family and say they’re normal you quite literally wouldn’t see the half of it. Growing up with two religions, six grandparents, and two very different political views, all being dealt with in one household has given me some very bizarre experiences. However, even in my short my life, each and every experience, the dark ones, the happy ones, the weird ones, and the normal ones have shaped me, made me into the person I am today. A person who can pick locks with paperclips, whose favorite time to go to the library is on Sunday when it’s closed, a person who feels just as comfortable home alone with her friends, or in the middle of the stage full of people, and someone who listens to everything, and hears more than they would
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