Narrative Essay On Middle School Basketball

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It all began on November 3, 2015 during my first middle school basketball tournament. The grey brick walls of the gymnasium looking more like a prison than a school. The school’s “Lincoln Park Elementary School” sign had graffiti and missed a couple letters from the name. The court was terribly small, but we began by playing the superb team of Jam on It. We were blown out and I headed back up to my mom and dad in the parent filled stands. The game wasn’t even fun to play and we looked like third graders playing them. I looked up to my parents as sad as could be. “Nico stop!” My mother insisted. “Mom I played terrible and we lost! How am I supposed to be happy?!” I snapped. “Get over it and be ready to play your next game.” She glared at…show more content…
“What street are you on?” “I’m in between the shopping mart and our house on Windy Hill.” “We’ll be there soon.” Again she hung up the phone. The next ten minutes up to Windy Hill from Sparks was stress filled and talkative. We passed In N Out Burger, Grand Sierra resort and other reno businesses as we speeded. The conversations were very heavy, but my mind kept going back to how Giuliana could not have been responsible for the accident. As we drove up, we saw our navy blue Subaru Legacy have the front just broken and the back of a 1974 Ford Ranger with a broken back light and some scratches. The Rangers forest green paint job looking spectacular, except for the area my sister hit it. My sister was over on the sidewalk looking sick and terrified. She was as pale as a paper. We asked a plethora of questions. My parents asked the kind senior man about his insurance information and the steps my family was going to do solve the issue. The man was kind and nice and was happy to help, but I was angry. After knowing that my sister was safe, I was angry that she was that unaware. The glass from her light and other objects filled the side of the road. I picked them up and noticed that there was a wire coming from a broken piece of glass. I told my father and he said to just leave it be, the
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