Narrative Essay On My Birthday

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People in the wonderful United States of American look forward to celebrating their birthday. Some people may wonder what did happen on their special day throughout history. I have wondered about if any significant events that could have happened on my birthday, and through my research, I have discovered several notable events that happened on February 2nd.
On the day, Friday February 2nd, 2001 I was born in Asheville, North Carolina. The high for the day was 49 degrees, and the low was 22. There are approximately 19 million people I share a birthday with, and one of those million people happened to be my twin sister. During my mothers 9 months of pregnancy, I was twin A and my sister was twin B. The day we was born my twin flipped over me; therefore, I was born second and my twin was born first. We were born on groundhogs day.
My name Holli came from the holly tree, which has sharp-pointed glossy leaves. This is symbolic toward my personality ironically. My last name Gouge came from a surname is medieval English. The words “gobha”, and “goff” both mean iron worker. My family could’ve assisted in the building of the Golden Gate Bridge. On September 11th, 2001 the world trade centers came tumbling down. I was only seven months old. The World Trade Center attack was a devastating, and horrific attack. This horrendous attack claimed the lives of 2,996 people. As a nation we celebrate the lives lost every year, on September 11th. However, for the family they do such

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