Narrative Essay On My Last Day Before Thanksgiving

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As I was driving home with my grandmother on the back roads of Woodcrest the Friday before Thanksgiving, I knew something was off. As we were driving home from practice after school, my grandma, whom always seemed to have a joyful and bubbly mood was acting different. She seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere. I simply brushed it away as I thought it was nothing. A few days later, Thanksgiving rolls around the corner and I notice nothing out of the ordinary, however, she then told me that her back was bothering her recently. Immediately when she said that, I remember when she told me about her constant arthritis in her back, and how she has had pains in her back ever since she was 12 years old. She had been maxed out on her morphine for years, and she described the new pain in her back as an unbearable and sharp…show more content…
After multiple emergency room visits with her and my dad, she was admitted just days after our car ride. By this point, my beautiful, rosy haired, blue eyed grandmother had such unbearable pain in and around her abdomen, that it was hard to look at her without feeling the pain she was feeling. Despite the excrucaiting pain of the bladder cancer was slowly making her weaker and weaker, she pushed on. My grandmother was the toughest person I knew and there had been numerous events where she continued to show me and my entire family just how strong she was. Although she was the strongest person I have ever known, she was very fragil and ended up having to come stay with my family and I on hospice care. And throughout my journey with her living with us, I realized just how much we need to cherish every moment with the people that we love. From the days counting down towards her death, I felt as if I had never had done enough with her and that I would do anything to be
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