Narrative Essay On National History Day Washington Dc

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The hardest thing I've ever done was National History Day last year. This was difficult because I procrastinated so much and was never assigned any projects like it before. I was able to get through it however, and then I had to work with a group and we chose group performance and it got easier from there. Here is the story of how I went to Washington DC because of NHD.

So when we were first assigned with NHD nobody wanted to do it in our class. After the teacher had explained what we're doing and how we're going to do it, everyone was boredom. I didn't want to do it so much that when we were supposed to be working I didn't work because all I could think was this is way too boring. Even when we were assigned homework, I wouldn't do that.

As each deadline passed for sources and rough drafts, I didn't have anything to turn in. Also as each deadline passed I got more and more nervous knowing that I'd get a horrible grade in the class if I didn't do it. Then, I'd get grounded a lot could've happened from that. Then one morning at church I was talking with one of my
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I had that much time to write 1,200 words and research an entire subject. It was Sunday, so I was a bit distracted by the Broncos. I was constantly swiping back and forth on my screens writing information. At 5:00 PM, I was almost halfway done. So, I knew I had to start researching faster, and I also knew I wouldn't be able to work on it the next day because of how busy I'd be. At 7:00 PM, I had some dinner, and I thought I wasn't going to finish the project. After dinner, I worked even faster, and it was so difficult to focus because of how long I had worked on it. However, I still kept working ad as the next few hours passed Igot closer and closer. And finally at 10:28 PM I made it past the word limit and finished with 1,222
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