Narrative Essay On Neve's House

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Dad can I go to my friend’s Neve’s house on Friday (after school) PLEASE (Shanali, Julia, Abby, and Hanna are going be there too). Neve said that we would go to here house after school and then at 4ish we would go to Chinatown for dinner and then go back to her place. She said that we will be back around 8 or 9 and she could drop me off at our house (because she lives just near by us and the school) or you can pick me up from her house. Mom said it was ok, but she wants me to ask you to. So can I go because I never went to a friends house (in 5-4 years to be exact) or hanged out with them, and they been asking if could hang out for a long time. So can I PLEASE go.
*If you want any more information I will get you Neve’s parent’s number tomorrow
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