Narrative Essay On O Gorman First Day

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The O’Gorman First Day

I had gone to public schooling all my life, not that I don’t see any difference in public school compared to private schooling. But, that’s not how I viewed in middle school once I was faced with the decision from my parents that I would start attending O’Gorman Junior High the rest of my middle school career, they were voices were almost muffled as my eyes were swelling up with tears. It was the worst day of my life, until the first day of school crept up on me a few months later. A backstory to the whole processes the concluded the fact I would be attending O’gorman was completely unbeknownst to me, I wasn’t really taken through the process I just remember my parents telling me they’ve decided, where they are deciding to have me schooled. I was not ready to be surrounded by these O.G kids, rich and snobby, nothing like me. I was raised in a moderately sized apartment, reminiscing to the penny pinching decisions my parents would constantly be talking about. I was the definition of an egotistical,
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To describe my thought of me being in that private school- horrific. I had the known the same people all my life, I wasn’t ready for this, this big change, big leap in my life. It was too much to handle I couldn’t bear it, the stress was going to send me to the hospital, I was going to be the first case of cardiac arrest at age 12. I was not a socially outgoing person. I was socially awkward. The status I was at though on my social aspect made me comfortable. I was that quiet, shy, awkward girl my whole and I was okay with that. I never had a problem my 6th grade year because, the people, the building it was nothing out of my comfort
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