Narrative Essay On Outpatient Therapy

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On February 22, 2017, I woke up to my sister. Claiming she felt no sensation in her legs. I assumed it was one of her other excuses in order to not go to school. I continued getting prepared for school thinking she was messing around. Next thing I know, she's on the floor, dragging herself to the bathroom. Then is when I realized she was being serious. I called my mom to get out of work as soon as possible while I was at school.

The hospital room had white walls with nothing but a bed, a bench, a single chair and a few flowers and balloons her friends and family brought for her. During her stay, Doctors forwent many tests to clarify her situation, but the results found no possible explanation to why she had no feeling or movement. Our family
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We would wake up at six in the morning to wait for our dear mom to take us two blocks to school. Arriving, I could feel all the eyes on me as I got the wheelchair out of the trunk. It made me want to go back home. We would often be late because of this situation. Yet, I didn't want to tell any of my teachers because it was personal, and for the most part, I didn't even know how to explain it to myself. Picking her up from all her classes caused me to fall behind in some of my classes. Yet, I still continued to be strong and not let home interfere with…show more content…
Meanwhile, my mom was in a difficult situation with her job. Even before this disturbance, she was having trouble speaking to her boss because of the language barrier. The whole family was in a tough spot in our lives,struggling with money issues, as well. With all the hospital bills. I decided to get a job to help out. I was always told at a young age to focus on school and everything else will come later. Yet I knew I had to do something to help . Before I was done executing the idea of a job, my mom told us we were going to the Dominican Republic to do some tests on my sister, to see if they could find anything. With no surprise, they could find nothing wrong, yet there was a significant difference, she was stronger than ever
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