Narrative Essay On Panther House

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“Thanks all!” Ms. Schwarck yells as everyone runs out the door and races to their cars to check their Instagram and Snapchat. However, I trudge with my heavy backpack to Panther House where Mrs. Kenny greets me, puts me on her checklist of students that have been checked in and asks me, “Can you please help me with some filing at 4:40 PM? I can give you a service hour.” Knowing that I need a service hour, I decide to help her. I grab a snack, sit down and talk with some other Jr. High kids that have rambled through the door. Some small children wave at me as all the kids rush outside. Very tired from a vigorous day at school, I sit down on the benches under the church awning and await to help Mrs. Kenny. Suddenly, a man dressed in all white and carrying a vacuum, walks past me, strolls through the parking lot, and sprints into the school. Probably some new janitor, I say to myself. Abruptly, Mrs. Kenny taps me on my shoulder and takes me inside to help her. She begins to write in some folders while I read a picture book and, in awkward silence, wait for something to do. “You know what I need?” she says quickly as I jump up from my chair, “I need one of those blue carts that they have in the St. Perpetua Room.” I respond with a slightly nervous and reluctant,…show more content…
I bang on the door and yell as if I was being kept hostage. I begin to pace back and forth until I hear a click. I run to the door and it opens, but something strange has happened. The lights are completely off, it is dark outside, and the Panther House aid is gone. I check the clock in the administrative office and it says 4:48 PM. A chill runs up my spine as the school quickly drops in temperature. I look down the corridor and see a bright ball of light. A deep hum fills the room and the ball of light at the end of the hallway is zooming right towards me. I try to run but I am struck by the mysterious object. In a great deal of pain, I fall back and close my
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