Narrative Essay On Prison Break

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Jason Rodrigues
Mr. Merrick
Lit/Writing Per. 4
24 November 2017
Prison Break!
All was quiet in Tongass National Forest, a remote region nestled in Southeast Alaska. The silence was abruptly shattered with the appearance of a helicopter; its metal blades slicing through the air and propelling it forward. A hail of bullets rained down, supersonic rounds whistling by the battered cabin. A man emerged stumbling and gripping onto another man as the smoke cleared. Al Kelly led a remarkably peaceful life as a gunsmith in Pinedale, Wyoming. This peace was soon to be disintegrated. It was a day like no other. Humming to himself, Al made his way home from work, tapping his foot along to the beat. He heard sirens in the distance, but he did not think much of it until the police lights flashed onto him. Guns were pointed at him, surrounding him from all directions, police officers yelling at him to drop his weapons. Handcuffs were latched onto his wrists, as his Miranda rights were read.
* * *
“Mr. Kelly?”, the judge asked.
“Yes?”, he replied.
“I find you guilty for 3 counts of murder in the 1st degree and sentence you to life in prison and not eligible for parole.”
“I swear it wasn’t me! Why would I kill my own family?!”, he cried out but it was to no avail. Two cops took him away.
* * *
“I need to get out of here,” Al complained to his friend Arthur. “I’m innocent”
“We all are”. his friend scoffed, “That's why I’m locked up for life”.
Al rolled his eyes and heaved a
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