Narrative Essay On Rachel Addison

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I began stalking Rachel Addison for two years since I first heard about the diamond she owns. The thought of people that having everything they want and me having nothing or maybe being nothing was eating me from inside. She was a woman, meaning weak, so it won't be hard for me to rob her. Some might say it's jealousness, for me it’s justice, taking excess just because you need it. My plan was to get all the possible information I could find in order to figure out the way I could kidnap her because it didn't matter how hard I tried I didn't know where to find the diamonds or any relations to them?, but I knew everything about Rachel. And there we were, alone in the darkness.Check grammar and use of verb tenses

The single light spot pointed directly at her sitting on the chair, the light emphasised her weakness, vulnerability, and frailty.Where is she? It’s strange, I knew what she does and where she goes, but personality. Was she going to give up or “fight” till the end? I couldn’t predict any of her actions. I was standing there trying to figure it out, camouflaged by the darkness.

It didn’t take a
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No time wasted. I was watching TV, what I heard on the news shocked me.
"Now, the famous millionaire Rachel Addison was found in the forest to south-east from the city. Fortunately, she was alive, but her state of health was terrible. She is now being treated in the clinic, and she decided to give us a little interview!"?
“Thank you! I thank God for helping me to go through horrible things I experienced. Now I want to draw the attention of my kidnapper. I just wanted to tell you that the diamonds you wanted to get so bad were in my stomach as I was about to transport them to another country ?? and it is one of the most secure ways to do it, but they are already removed from there. I’m telling that to emphasise his stupidity! It appeared I am a good actress because I had to play dead. Thank you for your
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