Narrative Essay On Solar Eclipse

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On August 21st of this year, my generation got to discover an event that I found absolutely breath taking. A total solar eclipse passed over the United States, making it distinguishable in the afternoon sky from the ground. The total solar eclipse only occurs when the moon aligns just directly in front of the Sun, a sight which most people will never get to see in their lifetime. Three weeks back, I bought glasses in preparation to see the full phenomenon. Myself and a few of my close friends went on a mission to see the total eclipse from the best vantage point I could, which landed me a tad bit south of Crossville, TN. I left campus Sunday night to join some friends back home who were also anticipating the event. The next morning around…show more content…
We drove at a speed in the range of 60 to 70 miles an hour, down an old narrow country road, racing the eclipse so that we could experience it in the most ideal position possible. It was quite dangerous as none of us had seat belts on and were holding on to the safety handle. The ride was an adrenaline rush. Four or five minutes away we pulled off on the side and stepped away from our cars. In a field, way out in what could only be described as B.F.E. Tennessee, we gathered around on the side of the road and counted down to totality.
Scientists will tell you that the gravity is lighter on the surface of the earth directly amid a full eclipse. To some degree, maybe the adrenaline and gravity were at fault for the emotional reaction that I felt during the eclipse. The minute felt too dreamlike to be in any way genuine, like a scene from a sci-fi film or the start of the end of the world. The green hue of the sky just before, rushing emotions, and all the people who had gathered in strange places to watch this event together made it feel like an important moment in my life. And when the sun was completely secured behind the shadow of the moon, all the light for miles around, went dark, and all went silent.
For around 30 seconds, I heard cicadas chirp the way they do at dusk. Looking up into the dark afternoon sky was comparable to considering the eye of a divine being. I saw
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