Narrative Essay On Stem Cells

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As the date draws closer to my senior year, my inbox begins to fill with numerous college-related emails. The labels on them were similar, "Dear Darren, Discover your future. Sincerely, Admissions." Reflecting back, four years ago, I was a clueless freshman standing in front of a building where I would call home for the next four years. During my time at Central Catholic, I have discovered a bond of brotherhood shaping me into the character that I am today. What I learned are knowledge, what I found are family, and what I look forward to is my goal—my future.

Did Substance "X" have an effect on C2C12 stem cells— yes or no? It was a simple question, but the complexity behind the results is what attracts me to the beauty of science. I spent several hours trying to determine through statistics whether drug-to-drug interactions between "X" and "Y" were positive or negative, and from there the minimum exposure of "X" and "Y" to disrupt cell-to-cell interactions causing
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This scholarship, for me, is not the end but the beginning. My parents are hard-working individuals who left everything in China for me to have a shot at the American Dream. Seeing them come home each day tired all because of me gives me an uneasy feeling. Whether that feeling is purely sympathy or colored by a nuance of gratitude, it has shaped me into who I am. I'm grateful that my parents offered me this opportunity, and I am determined to be the first in my family to come home with a college degree. This scholarship will certainly open a doorway of opportunity lifting off my financial burden. What this scholarship will impact is my mentality to work even harder and at the same time focus more on my education. I have set myself a goal —my future. Now, I am will to take a leap of faith across the abyss toward my notion of success and what I need is this determination and a departing
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