Narrative Essay On Terminal Disease

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A cacophony of sirens filled the air as my body shuddered on the ground. The black asphalt was cold, the sky was dark, and dozens of faces gathered around me, staring at the convulsing carcass that they knew to be, Brian, the carpet guy. The crowd faded, hands were shoved underneath my head, my legs and the small of my back, and I was lifted onto a softer, more elevated resting place. Above the sirens I heard the heavy thuds of two car door slamming. I began to move --- worry set in. It had become clear that nightmare and reality were converging.
To die or to live --- this was the only question on my mind when a lab coat wearing man informed me of my terminal disease. Not twenty ticks of the clock above my hospital bed had passed and the answer was clearly on the positive. My kids --- what will their reality be after my fire flickers out? That question would have to be patient for awhile --- at least until the searing, piercing, grinding pain of the vertebra above my tailbone had ceased to cause an aggressive vibration of my extremities. Like a snapshot of life three years ago I remember throwing a left jab at the punching bag only an arm’s reach from my son. He was fourteen; I was 55. We had been training together for nearly a
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My beautiful glowing wife of 20 years. We --- well she --- had always planned to travel in her old age. She had banked on us travelling together. We had planned a lifetime together; we had built a family together. What would happen now? My eyes began to water and my nose stung as I thought of her living to the edge of her life without me to comfort her in times of grief and loneliness. The only cure I found for my pain was oblivion. This time however, instead of more peaceful, the room grew darker as I closed my eyes --- darker and so alone. That night I laid curled up under the sheets of my oh so comforting hospital bed, shivering. Life hits
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