Narrative Essay On The Cold War

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It is 1945 and some of my generation has already arrived, with more yet to come. The month is June and I just arrived. President Truman is in office. The war in Europe just ended, and the war with Japan is about to end. The Cold War has started but it will be two years before they officially call it the Cold War. In case you were wondering that is me in the carriage, as you can see I am not really too concerned about world events as of yet. I’m pretty sure that the rest of my generation isn’t either. It is also my guess that we won’t be for a while. However, as I said history is relevant and many world events will take place in the next nineteen years that will lead some of us toward war, and others toward what I believe to committing the unforgivable crime of treason.
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On the 19th of December 1946, The Viet Minh under Ho Chi Minh leadership launched a rebellion against the French authority governing the colonies of French Indochina. The first few years of the war were a low-level rural insurgency against French authority. However, after the Chinese communists reached the Northern border of Vietnam in 1949 the conflict became a conventional war between two armies equipped with modern weapons. These were supplied by the Chinese communist and Russian communist.
This war would keep Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnam Communist Party busy for the next 8 years. [N] At the beginning of the war, the U.S. was neutral in the conflict because of our opposition to imperialism and to avoid helping colonial empires regain their power and influence, because the Viet Minh had recently been our allies, and because most of our attention was focused on Europe where Winston Churchill argued that an iron curtain had fallen. This was the beginning of the Cold
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