Narrative Essay On The Day In Football

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Rusty sent us an email on loyalty,” murmured AJ. I stopped walking halfway down the sidewalk. “He did?” I chuckled. That’s when I realized my decisions have big effects on people. Finally, the day of the big Cavs tryout came. the night before I didn’t get any sleep the night before I was so nervous. Around 6 o'clock, I got in the big white Volvo and my mom and I drove off to pick up Drake and Shannon on our way to JCCC, where tryouts were being held. After what felt like hours we finally arrived at JCCC. Drake and I got our bags from out of the trunk and walked down the grass hill to the gigantic turf field. After about 30 minutes or so, we finally were called on to the field, I was so nervous. We took at quick jog out to the navy blue,…show more content…
I took off at a sprint towards the ball, I barely got there, but I was able to square up the ball and make a clean field. Then, the last one came, this one came screaming to my right side. Again I took off at a sprint, but I missed the ball with my glove. The ball, slammed into my ankle and bounced in front of me. I quickly picked up the ball with my bare hand and fired it across the field. Mortified I jogged over to the dugout. I felt like crying, there was no way I would make the team now, I thought. Another 40 minutes passed, before we were told to grab our helmets and bats. I stepped up to the plate, my hands felt slick, my knees weak, and my ears pounding. The skinny man threw the first pitch. I swung and connected, a little too late and the ball went soaring wide right, into foul territory. “Crap.” I muttered in frustration under my breath. I stepped in the box again, took a deep breath, and got ready for the next pitch, Ping, the ball went screaming into right center. Full of relief and hope, I stepped up to the plate yet again. Ping, the ball went soaring over the first basemen. Now, full of confidence, I stepped up to the plate for the last time. Ping, this one louder than the others, I stood and watched the ball go screaming into the night heading for left center. I walked out of the net, full of confidence, heading towards the dugout to grab my glove for shagging. After thirty
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