Narrative Essay On The Halloween Story

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Halloween Story
It is the night before Halloween; Zoey and Elizabeth are sitting inside their tranquil hiding spot in the trees, contemplating what they want to dress as this year. The serene silence was broken when Zoey announced, “I’m going to be a witch!”. Elizabeth froze, knowing that dressing as the abomination Zoey had just mentioned, was forbidden in the town of Dudley. Early in the 1800’s, two sisters named Mary and Margaret had resided on the outskirts of Dudley. Here, was where they practiced their witchcraft and magic, killing off most of the animals and …show more content…

She clambered down the rope ladder, mounted her bike, and was off trailing behind Zoey , wishing her sister had a voice of reason.
The smell of plastic pervaded the air of Halloween City as Elizabeth entered the front doors. The store contained anything and everything you could think about that pertained to Halloween. Zoey ran her fingers along most of the costumes in each aisle, not coming across anything that resembled a witch's wardrobe. When they reached the back of the store, Elizabeth’s eye caught something that would definitely intrigue Zoey. On the back wall that had clearance written above, were a green and blue dress darker than any shade of each color she’s ever seen. Down the front was a black corset with ribbons resembling the colors of each dress. The arms were black lace with spiders stitched where their fingers should go. “Hey Zoe, come check these out,” said Elizabeth as she pulled down the blue dress. Zoey walked over and

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