Narrative Essay On The Hobbit

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The Hobbit
The book I have chosen to read this semester is called The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. This is a wonderful book and has become one of my favorites I have ever read. Most people don’t really enjoy reading but I absolutely adore it. It is more of a lifestyle for me than anything.
The Hobbit is written in 1st person for it is a book Bilbo wrote about all of the adventures he had while traveling to the Lonely Mountain. Bilbo is an unadventurous little hobbit who gets pulled into all of this adventurous mischief by an old friend named Gandalf. The reason Bilbo is having to go to the Lonely Mountain is because 13 dwarves need him as their “burglar” to help reclaim some of the treasure of their ancestors that Smaug, the powerful and feared dragon, took away.
When the story first starts out it is a very light-hearted description of Bilbo and
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The book isn’t to terribly long and I actually wish it was longer. I have absolutely fallen in love with the way Tolkien writes. I love how descriptive he is and how he includes every little detail so that me, as the reader, is able to see a clear visual of what Tolkien is trying to describe. One of the reasons I also enjoyed this book so much is because I love books and I also love movies, and naturally I will read a book and want to watch the movie about it or vise-versa. I have grown up watching The Lord of the Rings and my family is a huge fan, but I haven’t been all that interested in reading the books until more recently. As I read The Hobbit I’ve had a very clear mental imagery from the movie of what was going on, and I believe that this is sort of cheating because my brain didn’t have to work as hard because I’ve already seen the movie. In some ways I don’t like that because I can’t make up how I want things to look, but in others I do because sometimes I have no idea how to mentally depict what is going
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