Narrative Essay On The Island

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"Astoria!" His cries echoed. The bounced off of the long brick corridors and along the panels of glass that encompassed the walls on his left. "Astoria!!" Fish swam on the other side of the glass emitting bubbles, as if mocking his pleas. The queen stood across the castle, both hands placed on the huge cold bricks. Her head hung low leaving about a centimeter of space between her and the wall. She listened to his calls, each one filled itself with more desperation and urgency than the last. Yet, Astoria didn't flinch. The castle was huge and, for the most part, built underwater. It was what most people may refer to as the most city of Atlantis. The only lighting was provided by randomly placed candles that, after years of use, had layered…show more content…
All at once she turned as if to run but was met with an awed lovestruck gaze. His blue eyes widened and softened with the sight of her face. All the pain of life seemed to melt off his face and was replaced with gentleness. Drop.... Drip.... Drop..... Drip.... Drip.... water splashed onto the stones in the dead silence. They both knew the answer. "Please...." He pleaded with her. She found herself in hysterics, "I just murdered a friend! And you still can't manage to blame me!" Her hands flew to her head while she spun in a circle, then they shot back down to her sides. Draco stood there motionless, hardly ashamed. "He's dead because of me! Can't you see that!?" She practically hissed, "And I liked it! I would do it again!" She saw advancement in his eyes. "Please don't come any closer..." She exclaimed with shame. Confusion filled his face before he took one slow step forward, he obviously didn't get the message. Panicked, Astoria spun around and ran out of the room and down the nearest hall. Draco's trance broke as he rushed after Astoria, catching her by the arm and spinning her around. "Would you stop bloody running from me!?" He snarled. She fought to get free, avoiding eye contact. His grip tightened while he reached to grab her other arm and hold her steady. "Draco let go!" She pounded on his chest the best she could. He refused her order, "No." She eventually gave in as her voice broke and her knees betrayed her, leaving Astoria a heap in his
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