Narrative Essay On The Jungle Catcher In Elementary School

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I nearly severed an artery when I was in elementary school. I don’t remember how old I was when this happened. But I do know it was early elementary school, because I was stupid. Stupid enough to think wearing pink fuzzy sweatpants and a white and blue shirt looked nice together. Not to mention I wasn’t bright enough to realize that hanging upside down on the jungle gym in that type of pants would cause me to slip. It was during afternoon recess, and I was playing with a friend. I don’t remember the girl’s name because she moved away, and after all I was really young. We got this idea to climb on the jungle gym, and so we ran across the playground and started climbing on it.
I don’t remember why I decided to hang so close to the ground, but that was probably the most fatal flaw. Maybe it was better that I had decided to hang there that day, because if I had gone any higher, I probably would have broken something instead of nearly slicing an artery.
Anyways, my friend and I climbed onto the jungle gym. I remember hanging upside down, and going to tell her something when I slipped. I doubt I rotated as many times as I remember, but I remember seeing sky, ground, sky, ground, before I hit it. I sat up on the wood chips, and suddenly felt excruciating pain in my and throat. My friend had a look of horror on her face, and I remember her screaming, but not what she said. I think looked down, and saw blood.
I didn’t know this until many years down the road, but while I had fallen,
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