Narrative Essay On The Kittens

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Under normal circumstances, he would speak his mind, but, with a gun against his head, he couldn’t think or say a word. He was tall and stout. Wore a size 17 shoe, and has dark red eyes. Bob was the most scariest cop in the whole Police Department. Bob had to take down the biggest gang in the world THE KITTENS. The reason they are called The Kittens is because every time they rob a store, they whore kittens masks. It was a normal Monday, Bob was waking up from his nap. Bob was single. He got up at dawn, he went to his kitchen and made himself some eggs, bacon, and some toast with jelly. When he was all done with his breakfast, he liked to watch the news. Every day Bob would watch the news at 10 in the morning. While. Bob was watching the news he saw that The Kittens were planning to rob the largest bank in the world. So, bob called his friend that worked with him Rob and told him that, “The Kittens are going to rob the biggest bank in the world.” This wasn't no ordinary bank it was the Doomsville bank. It had everyone's money in it, there was over 10 billion dollars in that bank.
The Next day, Bob was out doing earrings. When he got done shopping he ran into one of the members from The Kittens. He said, “ give me all your money,” Bob Said, “ all I have is five
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He got up to see who it was and it was Rob dressed in his uniform he said, “ The kittens are getting ready to rob a bank ,” Bob went and got in his cop uniform zoomed out the door got in his cop car and burned rubber. As Bob and Rob were driving down the highway, they were going 100 mph because this is a one time deal. Bob and Rob finally got there and there they were THE KITTENS they were surrounded by cops and they had nowhere to go, but to JAIL. Bob arrested all of the members and took them to jail. While The Kittens were in jail Bob was watching their every move he became the camera
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