Narrative Essay On Trash Is Wrong

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I was watching TV just like a normal 11 year old would, my mom was cooking, and my dad was doing yard work. Mom realized that the trash can was full, so she called me over to go and take the trash out. The show was almost over but my mom did not care. “Kinsey!” Mom shouted, “You need to take out the trash!” “Are you sure that it is full?” questioned Kinsey. “I am sure, now go and do it before you get in trouble for arguing with me!” exclaimed Mom. “OK, OK.” I said with no emotion on my face at all. I had to take out 3 bags of trash because my mom changed her mind and said I have to take all the trash in the house out. I wish I did not have an attitude with her. So I went out to go take out the trash, but then, something weird happened.…show more content…
¨Ok,I wish to live in the mall!¨ ¨I do not really think that is a good idea.¨ Doli rightfully warned, ¨You need to think of the consequences. ¨Why would I do that?¨ Kinsey questioned.¨I wished what I wanted and that is what I will get.¨Kinsey said foolishly. ¨OK, have it your way.¨ Doli said grudgingly.¨Just say these seven simple words, ¨I wish to live in the mall.¨ Doli told Kinsey. ¨I wish to live in the mall.¨ Kinsey repeated. Soon after,Kinsey was in the mall. ¨Wow!¨ ¨There is nobody here!¨ Kinsey exclaimed. ¨I guess I will take a look around.¨ ¨There is so much to look at!¨ Kinsey shouted. I had just finished looking around for nearly 4 hours. I decided to lay in one of the many beds they have in the mall.It was very comfortable but then I wanted to watch TV.I then noticed,I had nobody to talk to.The place was dirty and I was bored so I decided to go and clean up a little bit. ¨This place is dirty!¨ Kinsey exclaimed with a nasty look on her face.¨ I can not clean it all and I am so bored.¨ Although Kinsey did not want to admit it the Doli was right and she needed to reverse what she had done. ¨Maybe the dwarf was right, maybe I should have thought of the…show more content…
¨I found you and yes you were right, I should have thought about the consequences.¨ ¨Can you please tell me how to reverse the magic?¨ Kinsey asked. ¨All you have to do is say what you said first in reverse.¨ Doli said. ¨Ok.¨Kinsey stated. ¨Mall the in live to wish I.¨ Afterwards Kinsey knew that she would have to be careful what she wishes for if she gets another
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