Narrative Essay On Web Warriors

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Yeah, I know you guys know the story of how the ‘Web Warriors’ began. But either way, I’m Alpha Stark or Spider Girl. Next up is my boyfriend Jack James or Spider Man. Then there’s the guy who hates my guts Max Teen or Black Spider. Next there’s Jacob Greene or Red Spider. Finally there’s Austin Smith or Iron Spider. All of us has a place on the team because of who we are. So let me get to the point, it’s been about a year since we’ve been on this team and we’ve had only the easy gig stuff. But ‘The Mess’ started with Houseparty with me, Jack, Max, Jacob, and Austin. “Nope, not gonna happen,” I say to them. “Either you do it, or Megan does it,” Austin says rolling his eyes. “As much as I hate Megan, she can go do it. I wouldn’t…show more content…
A meteorite flies down from the sky and lands in the desert about 10 miles from there. “Did you guys see that?!” I ask looking at the screen. “Yeah, let’s go check it out,” Austin says getting up. “We’ll see you at ‘the church’,” Jack says before he hangs up. We all hang up and meet each other in our costumes, at ‘The Church’. When I get to ‘The Church’, Black Spider punches me across the face. “Ugh!” I scream as he punches me and I fall to the ground. “Oops! Did I punch tough girl across the face? My bad,” he says laughing. “It’s not funny, Max,” I say getting up off the ground. “Well, maybe you shouldn’t have insulted my girlfriend in front of me!” he yells as he kicks me out of the church and behind the others. “IT’S NOT MY FAULT SHE’S A PIECE OF SHIT!” I scream as I swing into ‘The Church’ again and kick him in the face. Jack, Jacob, and Austin run in and stop me, but don’t stop Max. “You guys took all the fun away,” Max says crossing his arms. “Yeah, that was so much fun, getting my ass handed to me from a football player,” I say to him. “Just get on your bikes,” Jack says looking from me to Max. “Yes dad,” Max says laughing at that. We all get on our bikes and drive to the…show more content…
I roll my eyes at him and call one of the jets. “Where’s Shadow?” I ask Draco. “Upstairs, but I doubt you’ll be able to help him,” he says walking into the tower leading the way. “I won’t be able to, but my dad would,” I say as Draco opens the door to Shadow’s coorters. “What the hell?” Spider Man asks looking at Shadow laying in his bed. I pull Draco out of Shadow’s coorters and shut the door and stare at him. “kungani akazange yini ngitshele ukuthi kwakwenzeka futhi!” I say to him in Zulu. “ngoba i akacabanganga uzoyithola ukuboza ngaye!” he says to me. “lena yiyona ndlela Gonna bagcina befa!” I yell at him as I cross my arms. “Umm, Draco, what the hell is that?” I ask looking at a light coming from outside is coming up the stairs. “Crap, we’ve gotta go,” he says to me. I swing the door open and Shadow’s attacking everyone. “ARATNA HORA!” I scream to Shadow and he falls to the ground. “What did you just do?” Black Spider asks. “We need to go, now,” Draco says looking out the window. “What are those?” Red Spider asks. “Hunters, they might be looking for some of the tech I took,” Draco says to us. “That just proves you’re a dick, you know that?” Black Spider says to
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