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I was about ten years old when this happened. It was in the fall of fifth grade, and I had just gotten settled into the new school year. My dad was deployed to Kuwait, and so for the time being it was just my mom, my brother, and I. He had been deployed previously, so I was used to him being away for months at a time. One thing that helped me get through the times he was deployed was my school who offered a special class called TDY on Friday mornings before the bell rang. TDY (Temporary Duty) was specifically for students whose parent(s) was deployed and also offered support for the children who needed help coping.
So, like any other Friday, I started my day out by going straight to the class with a few other friends whose
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This of course upset me, as I knew my dad could still be in danger, regardless of his job in the military. I told Linnea as much, but she still did not understand, calling me a brat. A brat: something that many military kids get called. By this point I realized that she was not going to give up and I decided to ignore her and continue on with my day.
That night, I brought up the conversation with my mother and she reassured me that my dad’s job was just as important. She also informed me that without the Air Force, the Army would not have any planes to fly. This made me feel a bit better about the situation, but it was not until a few years later that I realized that military youth have certain expectations they are to uphold.
After this event I realized that being called a “military brat” is part of having a parent in the military. Military youth are often subjected to this term as they are seen as spoiled and well off. This is due to the fact that many people think military families are always moving around and experiencing new places. My family has never been stationed anywhere else, we lived on the same base for twelve years until my father retired in 2011. I have no clue where the idea of military families being rich comes from but it was certainly not the case when I was growing up. Just because one
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