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Abruptly and unexplainably, I was suddenly awoken from an exhaustive sleep. But, I don’t know how I was awoken. There was not a touch or sound. Just silence in the middle of the night. But, there I was; as awake and coherent as you are as you read this. I snapped up in bed, to a sitting position. There was an unexpected illuminating glow in the room. Everything was visible; the bed stand with the pink rose covered lamp. The tan overstuffed chair next to the bed with my blue flannel robe draped over the back. I could see everything clearly. I wasn’t startled, I felt surprisingly calm; at peace. As I glanced at the foot of my bed, he stood looking longingly into my soul. It had been over six months since our last embrace. Six months of tears and loneliness. Love, appreciation, heartbreak, desperation, grief... mixed together within the soup of my emotions! Yet, somehow I wasn’t even surprised to see my recently deceased husband visiting me in the middle of the night. Handsome as always. He was vaguely translucent. Although, I could clearly see his familiar, comforting smile while his yearning eyes reassured me. I felt the deepest form of love emanating from his heart into mine. He never spoke. Yet, in the silence, he communicated the reason for his visit. Remembering the Christmas before he died. That morning, I awoke to a huge ornately wrapped box next to the Christmas tree addressed, 'Baby Doll '. Boxes within boxes… I opened a total of six boxes until I came to a precious

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