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This was a vivid feeling, an atmosphere that I had never before experienced. Dense lights were somehow beautifully articulated with the rich sound of harmony filling the room. Others around me identified this too, and in response some raised their hands, some sang at the top of their lungs, and the rest simply enjoyed it. My senses were overloaded at this moment, but it was not what my heart was admiring. My 14 years of life had never recognized such a presence as this. Freedom is one word to describe it. Realization is another. Internally, I had always told myself that I would never associate myself with religion and its monotony, but I could not deny that this was beyond religion. This was beyond my preconception of any deity that had the slightest chance of actually being reality. My only response was to fall on my knees in worship of this God whom I can now discern was the Holy Spirit. This moment, a worship service on the night of February 18th of 2012 at a winter retreat, has and will continue to mark my existence on this planet. On this night, I gave my life to Jesus Christ.
Shortly after this, I joined the youth worship team and began to serve. I still cannot believe that someone let this Caleb Erickson on a stage to sing and play the 3 chords he knew on guitar, but the Lord began to work through that in a powerful way. I eventually became the leader of that team under a year later, and for the next three years I served as worship leader. We played as loud as the

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