Narrative Essay - Original Writing

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“Please don’t make me do this, I’m begging you,” Audra continued. “I’ll be good, I swear. I’ll do anything you want! I’ll study harder and I won’t talk back to you and Father. And I promise I won’t tear up my good dresses sword fighting and running about. And you’re right! A noblewoman shouldn’t be out there making a dirty mess of herself and spending time learning to fight. It’s uncouth, just as you said. You were right and you’ve been right all along. I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you before, but I will now if you’ll give me another chance. Please…”
It killed Audra to beg her mother like this. Audra prayed the woman would listen; however, it was unlikely. Both Audra’s mother, Lady Ina, and her father, Lord Sior, were cold and emotionless people. Audra was their only child, and they’d never paid her any attention. Ina and Sior preferred traveling and kissing the arses of royals so they could further their stations and seize more, more, more: more land, more riches, higher status.
However, due to her parents’ chronic absence, Audra had been largely raised by nannies. Luckily, the women had been kind and gentle, and treated Audra like their own daughter.
In a way, she was luckier than many, but even the best caregivers cannot replace an absent and indifferent mother’s love. Audra felt very much alone when she witnessed one of the servants or kitchen maids hugging their children or soothing a little one’s scraped knee. Why couldn’t her own mother be like that? The notion…
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