Narrative Essay - Original Writing

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Kristin leaned back in the swivel chair to think about what she 'd written as she watched the sun slowly appear over the horizon. It filled the billowy clouds with pink and orange streaks that faded into the depths of blue morning sky. Kristin withdrew her holographic keypad and stood to stretch. She thought about how good it felt to write for the website again. She 'd started it up many years earlier, working with various environmental organizations to involve everyday people in small tasks within communities. She hadn’t written in months, making excuses and procrastinating, she finally sat down to end her guilt for ignoring her only current connection with the outside world. Writing had always been a hobby she could count on to help her…show more content…
She 'd had a removable chip, like an earring, but the newer permanent chips allowed for more security, and though she hadn 't stayed well connected to the human population over the past two years, she did like to keep up with technology. A distraction pulled her eyes away from the news feed when she heard an older model vehicle in the distance, a gas model. The loud, rickety engine stood out among the bird chatter and swishing new leaves of spring in the early morning breeze. She took the path through the woods to the leaning mailbox that stood along a tree lined gravel road. She recognized it to be the mail car that mostly delivered mail and a local newspaper to people who refused to link up with technology, though a new law would soon require all residences and establishments to have a connection. With a recent change to provide free internet access in the U.S., the long phased out forms of printed media and mail carrying would quickly come to an end once and for all. The rare, physical version of the newspaper that came once a week, when the mail was delivered to her neighbors, was rather enjoyable to sit down to at the patio table. Kristin would relax on the screened porch in the early morning and unfold the smooth paper with its inky scent and freshly pressed pages, the crinkling sound of the paper oddly pleasing as she read over the local events that also included a few global articles. Being tucked away in
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