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I stood paralyzed, taking small shallow breaths. The niter was causing me to cough more and more. Slowly I regained control over my body and started trying to fight my way out of the shackles. The wine was now starting to wear off. I had trusted Montresor and he has wronged me. Now it was I who wanted revenge. With one last blow to the shackles against the side of the stone wall, the area where the shackles were attached to the wall began to crumble away. After finally freeing from the shackles, I leaned against the wall out of breath. I had to concentrate on taking deep breaths. The freshly laid brick was not set all the way yet and I was able to push out a few from one of the top tiers. When I looked through nothing was to be seen but darkness. “Montresor?!” I called out wearily. There was no answer, only the faint echo of my words. The loneliness made my skin shiver. I knew that I had to work quickly before the bricks set anymore. I managed to knock down a small hole near the top of the wall. I struggled for what seemed to be hours to get myself through the small opening. When I finally did, I landed straight onto the remains of other human skulls that had been thrown around. Once again, I had to stop and take a few minutes to catch my breath. If I didn 't get out soon enough, this cough would in fact be the death of me. I fumbled around in the darkness and felt the moist damp wall. Using the wall as a guide, I walked against the wall until I found a small narrow

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