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Adrian Box 9/24/2015 Narrative Essay ENGL 1010-09 - Disbelief, fear, and disappointment filled my mind as I sat in the driver 's car seat tilted back, the smell of smoke and dirt was all I could comprehend. The drivers floorboard and dashboard met with my feet wedged in between being crushed. It did not hurt, my body was numb. My mind was running wild. What just happened to me? In the distance, on that straight, two-way, narrowed road, I saw cars and trucks driving by completely oblivious of how I felt. I tried to yell out for help but my voice was unheard. All I could do was remain where I was and wait for someone to help me from this horrible situation or wait to die. The frustrating and maddening sound of my younger brother yelling woke me as I nudged my sister to wake up. It was the beginning of another routine morning, or so I thought. I took a shower, quarreled with my sister on which clothes she should wear for that day and finished getting myself ready. My sister kept complaining of stomach pains and cramps, so I offered to drive. Getting ready took a bit longer than usual no surprise, so we were running late. My sister, brother, and I hopped into the sleek black ford focus and headed to school. My sister refused to let me drive until my younger brother was out of the vehicle. I was furious as to why she wouldn 't allow me to driver yet. As ten of fifteen minutes flew by, we waved and said our goodbyes as my brother left the vehicle and headed into class. As we

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