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Prompt 6: A couple of years ago, our class was separated into small teams of two and tasked to see who could create the best float out of tin foil and 5 straws that was durable enough to hold over 100 pennies in 10 minutes. My partner, who happened to be my best friend, told me to create the float because he was sort of confused on how to actually construct the float. I was a little confused myself at the time. Since this task required building I felt a little more confident. So, before I actually started to create the float I took a minute or two to actually visualize the float. After a couple minutes I just jumped right in and threw the float together exactly how I pictured it. Compared to others design ours looked fairly simple, we were a little worried. But, surprisingly, we ended up winning the challenge with our float holding well over 100 pennies.…show more content…
It gives me the chance to challenge my thinking and put my creativity to the test. Science for me isn’t just a class; it’s an experience. It has ultimately helped me for the better. This was the subject that sparked my creative mind and my determination. Through science, I was pushed to think of more than one way to solve a problem that I had, whether it was mental or physical which ties into the determination aspect of it. I have learned that I couldn’t solve a problem that I had if I didn’t want to take the time to actually sit and focus on every aspect of the
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