Narrative Essay - The Drive Home

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There was a slight breeze in the air as I stepped out of work and I felt a spark of relief at the feeling, because it made the long walk to the parking lot seem just a bit more promising. Sweat seemed to pool under my arms and in between my shoulder blades. The only relief coming from the occasional whoosh of wind that delivered a brief, but satisfying just out of the pool feeling. The sensation causing me to remember all the summer days my brother and I had spent in pools throughout the years before school and life inevitably took us our separate ways. The drive home was a solemn one; the realization that while my acceptance into an out-of-state college meant freedom, it also meant distance. It had been 2 days since my graduation and in 3 more my brother 's 22nd birthday would come to pass. The wedge that had seemed to be growing between my brother and I would only get bigger, and for a moment I felt an incredible urge to stay home. However I knew that as much as I wanted to stay close to my mother and brother; it would only disappoint them both. Having dropped out his sophomore year of highschool, my brother always felt it was his duty to push me when it came to my education. “One of us has to make mom proud,” he 'd say to me and my mom would yell at him every time because although she never really says it; she has always been proud of us both. For the millionth time in the span of the time it took to get from work to home; I wondered what life would be like if he had
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