Narrative Essay: The Fight To Go Back To Blue Hills

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“Take the truck and my daughter back to Blue Hills,” William told one of the farmhands. “Bring a dozen men with you to make sure you get back without incident. I’ll ride back with the rest of the men in a few hours.”
“How come you’re not coming back to the estate?” Susan asked William when he told her she was riding back without him.
“There’re a few things I need to check on. I’ll meet you home in a few hours.”
“What do you need to check?” Susan asked.
“The men and I are going to ride around the perimeter of Sleeping Giant over by Quinnipiac University. I want to check on the condition of the fences.”
“Be careful.”
“Always. Tell your mother I’ll be back before dark,” William said.
William watched the Ford and mounted escort pull out of market and turn north on Route 5. William waited for the truck to roll out of sight before walking towards the back of the market. Two farmhands stayed with the horses, and four men followed William to an RV parked in a corner of the lot. The farmhands stood guard while William walked up to the RV and knocked on the door.
“Yeah, what do you want?” A man’s voiced hollered from inside the RV.
William knocked a second time. The door opened and a man with a …show more content…

The men wore black Kevlar vests and carried assault rifles. Three farmhands stood inside the gate watching the strangers carefully. William suspected that if a firefight broke out the men outside the fence would easily gun down the farmhands. All the men held assault rifles, but the strangers held their weapons differently. The men outside the gate wore their gun straps tight across their shoulders and chest, which would make it easier to shoot and move at the same time if a fight broke out. This contrasted with the farmhands, who held their rifles haphazardly across their stomachs. The strange men were clearly seasoned ex-special forces soldiers; William suspected Army Rangers or Delta

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