Narrative Essay: The Ink Drinker

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The Ink Drinker RING!!! RING!!! RING!!! The 7:30 bell rang and Francis Tucket just woke up from a day dream of what happened over the summer. “That was one strange summer”, Francis said. The week before summer ended francis was a normal teen age boy, but he swiftly turned to a monster. He was bitten by a despicable, and demeaning vampire name Draulink. Francis and his friends were at the lunch table and everyone was eating, and talking except for Francis, so the friends ask him what was wrong, because he hasn’t eaten for days, and he was wearing sunglasses inside. He said nothing is wrong, so they followed him home one day, and found in in his room and they peeked through the window, and saw that he was reading a book, but when he looked
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