Narrative Essay: The Mystery Of Hockey

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Sometimes mysteries are better remained left alone, but this one has me hooked on every word. Beau Bennett; Blonde hair blue eyed boy. He is the biggest mystery of them all. Being 6’2 and playing right wing in hockey. We play on the same team, but not knowing a thing about each other. His eyes burning holes through the back of my head while he is sitting behind me in English. It’s like I can just feel it. Knowing that he is looking at me. “Miss Logan” “Miss Logan!” Mr. sky yelled snapping me out of my thoughts. “Yes?” I ask shyly. “Turn to Mr. Beau and look him in the eyes.” I do as he asked wearily. “Now you get to know him. Become friends, enemies, or even, boyfriend and girlfriend. I don’t care in a month or so you will write an essay on how you guys feel. Understood?” Beau smiles making every girl in the class melt and he is completely oblivious, every girl is in love with him. I sneer, but say alright. I am more worried about …show more content…

I’m Logan Gray and I am 17. I play hockey for the British Columbia Hockey League, I’m about 5 ‘7 and not little but I am fit. I’ve loved hockey all my life. With all my sisters, being girly girls and my brothers all being football freaks, except Malachi, he started when he was 4 and I followed. My family is huge, but we make due. My mom died about 5 years ago with an unknown death so my dad has been taking care of all of us, he got remarried but she is always away. Dad hates hockey, but loves every other sport they play, he has now learned to keep his mouth shut because I love it. Every year when baseball and softball come to an end; and with hockey being year round, everyone in the house comes together for Malachi. Playing for the Bruins this year being #13 we are all so proud. Going to every game possible, but I always get stuck with practice or games. When I come he is the best player on the ice. I look up to him in every way. He is my big brother, I don’t know what I could do without him showing me the ways of the hockey

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