Narrative Essay - Trip to 6 Flags

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Shemp D. Howard Writin clas 9/21/112 Since my friends and I were seniors this year we decided that we needed to do something to celebrate us leaving Catskill. We spent many lunches at Subways trying to decide what we should do. We started out wanting to go to Cape Cod for the weekend. Then it went from Cape Cod to Boston, Massachusetts. Finally it ended up a day at Six Flags, New England. We decided that the best time to do this was on a Monday morning when everyone else is in school. That way their wouldn’t be as many people there and we could get to the lines quicker. We made a list of all the best rides…show more content…
This was one of the best raft rides that I have been on as long for as I can remember. After the water ride it started to get late and I wanted to do other things that night. So we decided to go on “The Superman” one final time before heading out . Once again we had to wait in line for 30 minutes before we got to go on. I didn’t think it was as good this time because we were sitting near the middle of the train before we were in either the first car or the second. After this final ride we started to make our way out of the park. Before we go back on the thruway I was hungry again. So we went to a Friendly’s for the final part of our trip. After relaxing for awhile and eating we figured it was finally time to go home. So we go back in the car and headed home. Before we even got to the thruway Jim was asleep in the back seat. I fell asleep right after we got our toll

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