Narrative Ethics Case Studies

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The key ethical issue presented in this case is whether the SLP should discuss sexuality and appropriate touching with Phil as requested by the manager of the day program despite the request to not do so by Phil’s mother.
Applying the narrative approach

Although Phil refuses to discuss the situation, it is important to facilitate hearing his story. It is important to respect Phil’s mother’s wishes at this time, therefore, discussion will be generic and the incident will not be mentioned. As Phil has a moderate intellectual disability and often experiences difficulties comprehending what is being said the SLP may have skills and strategies that would facilitate discussion with Phil. Phil’s mother has explained that she has always told Phil to not touch women in their private places, however, Phil may still not fully understand this and similar events in the future may occur. It is therefore important to determine how much he understands about this topic. It is also important to understand Phil’s emotions and how he responds to different situations. As Phil has refused to attend the day program since the incident occurred communication about such would be beneficial in understanding his previous and current feelings about the program.
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The role of the SLP is to provide the means for communication to delve deeper into the understanding of Phil’s story. This will place the SLP in the position to discuss and reflect on the ethical dilemma. In understanding the stories and perspectives of other individuals involved gaps in the understanding of the incident will be provided. It may also provide areas where additional support is needed such as; support for the staff member involved or measures put in place at the day program to avoid similar situations occurring in the
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