Narrative From 'Capsule 32 Ready' By G. P. A.

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Prologue I couldn’t forget about my dad… “Capsule 32 ready” that is the voice of my friend his name is Peter. He’s a scientist. He helped me a lot in this mission, yeah…a mission I called it “G.P.A.” which stands for “Go back in the past and save dad”. My dad is gone. I’m going to save my dad even though I don’t know where he is, don’t know that he’s still alive or not. But that’s not my problem, with the help of my friend Peter I can travel in time. I will go back to 1989, in fact, this Year is 2025. Now I’m lying in the time capsule with my bag full of supplies and many high-tech things that Peter had made for me in order to survive. Then Peter is starting to count down “10… 9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…”…show more content…
I don’t know the exactly time but I guess it’s about 5 minutes after the door is closing. The only thing that I can do is waiting. The air is still cold but I’m getting used to it. Now I’m thinking of what Peter told me to do after the door is open. The first thing I need to do is use his electrical device that can sent signal or communicate through different time line he called it “Super Peter No.1” to send signal to Peter then he will give me advices in every situation I’m going to face. They are a lot of High-tech devices that Peter made for me such as a gun that can freeze everything even the fire or lava he called it “Super Peter No.5” I know that the name of his devices are awful, but please believe me it useful. When I’m in the capsule I always feel that it’s moving with very high velocity. Peter once said that the velocity of his time capsule is about 3,360 km/hr but now I’m feeling that it’s getting slower and slower. Then finally it’s stop. The door is opening and what I’m seeing now is the same scene that I had saw when I was 15 years old in my first time travel. This place is where I had made a worst mistake in my life and I’m here again to correct
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