Narrative-Highway Creative Writing

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At the end of every work week, I looked forward to cruising Interstate Twenty. Just me, the highway, and some banging tunes to listen to along the way. I really enjoyed the fact of not having to deal with the stressful environment my job created. Little did I know, this particular
Friday night in November, danger lied ahead. It was an experience that I would never forget.
It was another week completed of work, and it was my turn to punch out at the time machine. I quickly stamped my card and placed it back into the holder. Without saying goodbye to my co-workers, I did not hesitate to crank my car and speed up the main highway. As the image of the factory disappeared in the rear view, I screamed “Interstate-Twenty here I come.” It felt good
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After a minute of gazing forward, I noticed that the light had vanished. This puzzled me as I pulled back into the highway.
Thirty more minutes passed and the voice spoke again. Immediately after trucks appeared stopped directly in my line of travel. I lifted my emergency brakes and began to scream aloud.
Everything happened so quickly. Clouds of smoke filled the sky and my vehicle was turned

Horton 3 sideways. In total shock, I exited my vehicle to locate the other trucks. After a five-minute search, no vehicles were spotted in the area. “What was this” I exclaimed. I was frighten knowing that I had seen something and could not find it.
Then the voice spoke again. It was clearly understandable to the ear! The words spoken were very touching and uplifting. “Do not be afraid, because I am with you” was stated. The thought came to me that it was the voice of an angel. Immediately I began to praise and shout new songs for I knew that my encounter was genuine. That night I began a new journey. Such a one, that it would take me farther than my favorite two-hour joy ride. Presently I drive with caution and continue to tell others about this particular evening. Unforeseen dangers are always present, but there is safety in the
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