Narrative In The Life Of The Skillful Teacher

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There are three major tenant to my philosophy as a educator. The first is that all students deserve a quality education and that when students are denied a quality education society as a whole suffers. I strongly believe that getting a good education should be mandatory for every student in America. . It is clear to me that being deprived of the best education possible is a form of oppression. Education has the power to liberate. It can be a catalyst in helping to reshape the thinking of both the uneducated and educated, allowing for actions that can lead to social change. If we leave the oppressed uneducated, then any progress for social change can never truly be effective. This in turn hurts the country as a whole, not just the oppressed the second tenant is race has a profound impact on the education one receives and there must be steps taken to ensure that despite this education quality remains equal. For most if this countries history this has not been true From the start of American history, minorities have been denied the right to a basic or equal education. When you read stories such as Narrative in the Life of…show more content…
Especially belief 7 which talks about the effects racism has on learning and how it must be actively conquered. I think through my time in the fellowship I have learned more about the ways a person can be denied a quality education. I have also become more aware of my role in making sure that I provide my students with a quality education. This mean more then acknowledging the difficulties they face but actually using strategies that make a difference. During the fellowship I have learned more about how to manage a classroom so that learning can take place. As well as how talk so that urban students learn. While I have always known about the unique challenges that urban students face I now have one of the tools to actually tackle those
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