Narrative Informative Interviews

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Initially, the highest responsible head of the municipal social service organization was contacted by email with information about the study and a question if hen approved for the researcher to conduct the study within the local municipal social service organization. When the highest responsible manager approved by answering the email, an email was sent out to prospective participants with a letter explaining the purpose of the study and an offer to participate. In those cases, the informant had a manager that had to be informed an email was sent to get an additional consent. Each participant was contacted and a convenient location and time for the interviews were determined when it was clear that the informants wanted was allowed to participate in the study. Before the interviews took place the informants were given oral and written information about the study. In the information, it was stated that they participated by one free will on a voluntary basis and therefore could say no to further…show more content…
Mishler believes that unstructured interviews are a way to expose stories. It is the interviewer and the interviewee that together construct the discourse and pay attention to the story told. Patton (2002) states that the interview guide should only have the function of a checklist to create a high degree of flexibility in the interview situation. An interview guide, asking open-ended questions about the lived experience of managing for results in social services has been used in this study such as what does managing for results mean to you? A pilot interview was conducted before the study took part in order to test the interview guide which showed that the questions were useful as they were stated, but that some more prompts for further questioning if the interviews didn´t go as deep as was
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