Narrative Is The Root Of Some Fields

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Narrative is the root of some fields which includes education, rhetoric, literature, religion, law, history: culture (Wilson, 1989). It can be seen as a tool to create traditions and symbols as means of communication and it is a source to understand and strengthen the identity of the organisation (Kroeze and Keulen, 2013). As a conceptual theme, narrative becomes a self-conscious system and a reflexive field. In other words, the role of narrative in personal lives is to show how it can be utilized effectively for reflexives practices. In light of this notion, personal reflexive capabilities are a process of exposing or questioning our ways of doing. It is the method for individual through the mirror that has ability to take responsibility for their stories and their exploration, and the role of fact in lives. This essay will focus on how narratives may be reflexively used at different stages, especially history: culture and education, as a tool to access the frameworks.

In a narrative, the movement from sign to sign has a recognizable social, cultural and historical significance. Narrative is one of the main elements in history play (Wilson, 1989). It is the mode in which our culture is transmitted, from fairly stories to political history. Barthes(1987) states that narrative is international, transhistorical, transcultural and it is simply there like life itself. Narrative creates the way we see our place in society and the way we perceive is as moulded around us,
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