Narrative Of Forrest Gump

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Forrest Gump The movie “Forrest Gump” uses flashback to narrate the Forrest’s story. Forrest sits on the bench and waits 9th bus. A black woman comes and sits next to Forrest, there’s a unilateral talk by Forrest. In his words, “mama” appears in 80% sentences which shows he is not a strong-minded people, might be a low-IQ person. He reminds while he was a little boy who wore support leg machine, his mom always told him that he had no differences with others. But No one likes making friends with him except a girl called Jenny who used the best angel voice that Forrest thought to tell Forrest that he can sit next to Jenny on the school bus. From that on, they are the best friends. Unfortunately, poor guy is always around by bad guys. There are some kids often bully him. Once he was chased by three boys who rode bikes, Jenny shouted to him “Run, Forrest, run!” The only thing encourages Forrest is Jenny’s word, and this surprises me because Forrest was faster by two feet than those boys who rode bikes. The more amazing is he ran faster than a car. When he got into a university, the coach of American Football invited him to join…show more content…
I think it is right because in army, there is no thinking on soldiers, they only need to follow commander’s order. And Forrest’s mission always the fastest finished. He made his best friend there, called Bubba. Bubba works in a shrimp boat, his dream is to have a own shrimp boat. In the war, Forrest is the only one who can stand up, he helped his allies, moved them to a safe place. And the final one he found is Bubba, unfortunately, Bubba was near to die. Bubba repeated his dream again to Forrest. During the hospital time, Forrest learned how to play Ping-pang, and he played very well. After some time, he can play by himself. And no one could be his opponent. Even For this part, I think Forrest could be good at everything, because he can follow other’s successful case to practice hundreds

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