Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglas An American Slave

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The book Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglas an American slave, is showing a highway map, displaying the road to how the slavery went to freedom. Douglas at the opening of the book was a slave in both his body and mind. Then at the end good things happened to him, he gets legal freedom and frees his mind. The events in the book are good points in Frederick’s life, in the book it explains how he get there, and what he had to do and learn along the road. Where it first starts is Douglas realizes what slavery is all about. Frederick Douglas was born a slave on Colonel Lloyd’s plantation, but as a kid he was suffering. Frederick Douglas was born in Tuckahoe, Maryland. He saw his aunt Hester gets beaten. Frederick was to of a kid to get beaten. He saw brutal whippings of various slaves. Men and female old and young. He didn’t describe his childhood as a bad childhood he described it as unique or individual narrative. Instead, he suffered without even knowing it. He never knew his father and he only meets his mother a few times before she dies. After his mother died, they didn’t let him go to his funeral. At that time he didn’t know the reason why he could got to his mom’s funeral. He later found out why the reason it was. Frederick he later realized he wasn’t normal and that he is a slave. At the age of seven Douglas was sent to his new master the stage of Douglas in Baltimore. “a city slave is almost a freeman compared with a slave on the plantation,” he remarks , and
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