Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Essay

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During the time of pre-civil war America, southerners believed that one of the most essential means of life was slavery. In the novel, Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass, Douglass challenges and debunks the idea of slavery being a necessary part of the white lifestyle; many pro-slavery arguments consisted of religion justifying slavery, slaves being “easily manipulated”/ignorant, and slavery keeping the southern economy from disappearing (The Proslavery Argument). Frederick uses personal experiences and other tactics to expose the truth behind slavery to those abolitionists and also to those foreign to the topic. He easily discredits the pro-slavery content by explaining how many slave owners are cruel and evil. In my opinion, Frederick Douglass considers all involved in slavery, and not just those who were slaves, when proving his theory. To start with, white southern slave owners used religion to justify slavery (Arguments and Justifications). Slave owners believed that God wanted slavery to happen and in turn, they would convert to Christianity. Many a times, this would make the owners more tyrannical. For example, look at Mr. and Mrs. Auld. Initially, they were kind people who had never owned any slaves; however, once they converted to Christianity, the two of them became vicious in their new treatment towards Frederick Douglass (Narrative of the). Whites in the south, who sought out Christianity, were more than likely to become true southern slave
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