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Narrative Report Manuscript Organization Sections of the manuscript should be arranged as follows: A. The Preliminaries 1. Title Page 2. Biographical Data 3. Acknowledgement 4. Table of Contents 5. List of Tables 6. List of Figures 7. List of Appendices B. The Text 1. Introduction * Should start with an introductory or opening paragraph that will give the reader a background on the significance of the OJT, its objectives and the place where the OJT was conducted. * Significance of the On-the-Job Training * Discusses the reasons why conduct the training * Tries to answer the following questions: 1. Why is there a need to conduct the training? 2. What…show more content…
7. Summary. It contains significant portions of the training in a form of summary. C. The Reference Section 1. Literature Cited. The LITERATURE CITED contains the list of references cited in the text. It includes books, journals, articles, newspapers, internet, magazines, monographs, thesis, dissertations, personal communications and others. 2. Appendices. The APPENDICES contains data, information and procedures not presented in the text. Included in this section are relevant data gathered to complete the OJT. Also included here are the pictures taken during the actual training. LAY OUT and GENERAL GUIDELINES A. For Preliminary Pages 1. Title Page * Title Page. It contains the title in the form of inverted pyramid on top of the page, all in the uppercase and in boldface. * Submission Statement which should be found ten to twelve spaces away from the title written in paragraph heading style. * Degree which should be ten spaces away from the submission statement written in paragraph heading style. * Trainee’s Name in uppercase and in boldface which should be found eight to ten spaces away from the degree earned; and * Month and Year of Completion which should be found one space below the trainee’s name and written in paragraph heading style. No page number should appear on the title

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